CLARISSA RÊGO grew up in Brazil, where she had the opportunity of experiencing diverse ways of working in performing arts and contemporary dance. Integrating mostly dance companies since the year 2000, Clarissa has been performing in Brazil, France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany and Austria. In Favela da Maré (Rio de Janeiro) Clarissa worked with the choreographer Lia Rodrigues and her dance company, with whom she learned how to live together in an everyday space and how to find power in the extreme simplicity. This encounter has been strongly influencing Clarissa's life and work until today. In 2014 Clarissa received a master degree in Contemporary Studies of Arts, from Universidade Federal Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro), with a research about collaboration in Brazilian dance companies. Currently Clarissa is working on the creation of a trilogy called "Solo Studies", her first artistic statement as choreographer.